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Are  you a Rocker Bride? Maybe an Angel Bride.

Know your Bride Type to create your own personal magic, with wedding invitations & place cards from MagicWand Weddings. We have the top 10 creative wedding ideas to look through our DIY new ideas and shop for products to help you create your unique and very special day. Select items from our hand picked favors pages that uniquely reflect your own personal Bride Type to create a lasting impression with your guests for years to come. Take our Bride Quiz today and find out your bride type.

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Discover what bride type you are. See if you’re a Rocker Bride, Diva Bride, or maybe your an Entertainer Bride.There are 12 Bride types in all.
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Bride Types Bulletin Boards

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Adventurer bride type

Adventurer Bride

The Adventurer Bride is all about the adventure ahead. Check it out and read more…

Princess bride type

Princess Bride

The Princess bride is royalty in her own way.
Check it out and read more…

Hero bride type

Hero Bride

The Hero Bride is an athlete at heart.
Check it out and read more…

Dreamer bride type

Dreamer Bride

Dreamer Brides are always  looking at the big picture.
Check it out and read more…

Artist bride type

Artist Bride

The Artist Bride is very creative and great at DIY.
Check it out and read more…

Believer bride type

Believer Bride

The Believer Bride is a very caring one.
Check it out and read more…

Angel bride type

Angel Bride

Angel Brides are someone you can always count on.
Check it out and read more…

Rocker bride type

Rocker Bride

You’re all about Rock n Roll and breaking the rules.
Check it out and read more…

Champion bride type

Champion Bride

Champion Brides are about world peace.
Check it out and read more…

Entertainer Bride type

Entertainer Bride

The Entertainer Bride is always on stage and ready to perform. Check it out and read more…

Thinker Bride type

Thinker Bride

Intellectual and great for parties and conversation.
Check it out and read more…

Diva Bride type

Diva! Bride

The Diva! Bride is all about fashion.
Check it out and read more…