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We’re people, so why not work with a live person to help you

Before you place an order with MagicWand, we encourage a speaking conversation to help guide you and answer any questions to ensure your order is perfect. For instance if its wedding Invitations, save-the-dates, place cards, menus or table numbers, we are wedding stationery designers and understand sometimes the wedding process can be overwhelming. We are always here for your success. Simply stated we work for you. Wedding stationery designs especially can be a bit complex and may have distinct layouts, which seem frustrating to personalize without the guidance of a human voice. We’re all people and definitely see where it’s necessary to work with our customers. We’re a creative wedding company of talented, professional designers which always results in a beautiful piece of stationery, favors, advice which can be personalized uniquely for you.


Every stationery design is matched with favors, location, concept and conceived and produced in-house to coordinate with our 12 bride type personalities. We’re able to control the quality and match our designs to a sophisticated “together” Wedding look. We are the company that is connected to your best interests and as part of our community, we are always available for you. 


Even before you place an order by phone, contact us through email or live chat, we’re there for you with our online tools and sophisticated content. And when you do allow us to assist you with your order, be assured we enjoy helping with your questions.  We like what we do so don’t be surprised by our friendly demeanor. If you need advice, just ask, because we’re here to help you. 


We have fantastic Wedding Customer Service

Call us. We’ll walk you through the process if you like.

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