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Father of the Bride “Types” Carl Jung

Jung created some of the best known psychological concepts, including the archetype, the collective unconscious, the complex, and synchronicity. We’ve made it easy-to-understand “who you are” by developing our Bride Profile method, based on Jungian concepts. You can use it for entertainment or an inspiration for creativity when planning your wedding. More…

Sample Bride Quiz

  • Hero Bride (example) 50%
  • Diva! Bride (example) 30%
  • Believer Bride (example) 20%


Plan Your Wedding by Understanding Who You Are

Take our quiz and discover your inner bride desires. You can plan your wedding with the knowledge of knowing a bit more of the type of bride you are. Use our planner and guide. See our Magazines, Wedding Planning Timeline and Checklist and Budget to get the planning started.

Sample Bride Quiz

  • Adventurer Bride (example) 45%
  • Angel Bride (example) 30%
  • Thinker Bride (example) 25%


Shop For Who You Are

Know your Bride Type to create your own personal magic, with wedding invitations, save-the-dates, table numbers, menus & place cards from MagicWand Weddings. look through our new ideas and products to help you create your unique and very special day. Select items from our hand-picked favors pages that reflect your own personal Bride Type to create a lasting impression with your guests for years to come. Shop…

Sample Bride Quiz

  • Princess Bride (example) 55%
  • Performer Bride (example) 30%
  • Champion Bride (example) 15%

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