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VTS 01 1 Celebrity Wedding& Event Planner Samantha Goldberg LIVE on CNN speaking of Ways to Celebrate NYE W/O Going Bonkers from Samantha Goldberg on Vimeo.

Samantha Goldberg is a recognized celebrity wedding planner and designer of various events. She shares live with CNN some ways to celebrate NYE on dime. She is noted for her fantasy celebrity weddings and special events as well as sharing ideas which are original and tailored to the client esp those on a set budget. She has been one of the favorite wedding designers on the Style Network for over 9 seasons and tapped to do the pilot called ‘Whose Destination Is It Anyway, which did get picked up and named “Married Away” also on the Style Network 4 seasons, Sam’s been featured on many reality shows and talk shows for her expertise and fun nature. bringing fresh ideas for those who want their special day to be about them, and to look like the couple from a design perspective. She’s been published over 2500 times in many magazines, news papers and more. For more information about Samantha and Her Fabulous Team visit our website samanthagoldberg.com

via VTS 01 1 Celebrity Wedding& Event Planner Samantha Goldberg LIVE on CNN speaking of Ways to Celebrate NYE W/O Going Bonkers on Vimeo.

Samantha G. Goldberg is an internationally noted T.V. Personality and host on networks such as Style Network (E), Bravo, E, We, TLC and more.
Sam has been a “celebrated” persona in general which is in addition to a Celebrity Event Designer, Sassi Lifestyle Guru and “Major Brand Spokesperson” (Hilton Hotels, Guestiquette, Party City, Bloomingdales, etc) she’s a ”Motivational Sales Guru” in the event world to boot.

While this plain-talking show host tells it like it is when speaking of the world of weddings and events,  her experience is not limited to her noted field.  Sam today, is requested on a month to month basis to be a regular advocate/expert for media outlets such as Ladders.com, Examiner, She How, ehow, ivillage, OK Magazine, Cosmo, WSJ, NY Post, NY Daily News, CNN, CNBC, Forbes, USA Today and various other “informative”  means to share her, “savvy-sensible trends” or sales tips.   This vast list of experience ( for more extensive list please visit www.samanthagoldberg.comMedia Darling” aka press.

And this—–>Was just addition to getting her ready for the “World of Gab”. Who would have thought?

She’s compared to “War and Peace” on emails/blog as more… and finds herself on a recent mission in allowing for “Twitter” to expand it’s limit of 170 characters to 340- What’s frightening, Goldberg and her “persistent not pesky” persona could undoubtedly make it happen!

In addition to this “everything under the sink resume” Samantha’s also known for her zesty event designs worldwide and colorful personality by celebrities, public figures, sport celebs and more…
While some of her events or celebrity weddings may be on the “Not so budget” side, she’s able to use her creativity for any budget. This is a niche’ not many can do.

She’s a positive whirlwind of energy and will ensure whatever she designs or plans exceeds expectations every time. She’s produced thousands of events in her 23+ years in the event world including the world of television in addition to the  professional beauty and fashion industry. Her favorite being the budget client as it allows for the most creativity! Easy no-Challenging, yes.

She dresses her events like she would for someone “in the know of fashion”. Maybe that’s her discreet formula to success?

Sassi but Sweet… TADA!

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