D I Y- Shot Glass Cars Favors

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Here’s the scoop!

Our creative wedding favors will allow you to be a hot shot at your wedding reception or bachelor party with MagicWand Shotglass Cars!

These creative wedding gifts are perfect creative wedding favors or a Groomsmen gift.

Our members have asked how we make our  favors especially the MagicWand Shotglass Cars. It’s simple!

Fun Wedding Favors and creative wedding Favors
Wedding favors have a heritage dating back to the early Roman dynasty, so give a wedding favor you would appreciate and your guests would enjoy. What are fun wedding favors? It’s the ones that people keep talking about after the wedding, such as shot glass cars and the more unique ideas. Select  favors that reflect your personal sense of style and will create a lasting impression with your wedding guests. Wedding favors that your guests can actually use are always appreciated.

What You’ll Need to Make these Creative Wedding Favors:

Matchbox cars or similar small metal cars ( found at: Target, Walmart, Toy Stores)
Shot Glasses (found at: Restaurant supplies, Cost Plus)
E6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive (found at:Michael’s or your favorite Craft Store)

What to do:

Step 1
Select your favorite matchbox cars, choose ones that have a flat roof, so the shotglass will be level.

Step 2
In a well ventilated room (or outside), open your E6000 Multi Purpose Adhesive and put a small amount on the bottom of the shot glass. Quickly place the shot glass on the roof of your matchbox car and make sure it is level. Once you have the shotglass car level on top, let dry overnight.

Keep out of reach of children.