JuJu Cleanse

The Champion Brides Cleanse and it also saves the planet..WOW!


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Cold-pressed, fresh, delivered to your doorstep, and ready to go, the Juju Cleanse is a no fuss, all benefits approach to juice fasting.

We don’t just make it convenient for you, but take your existing lifestyle or dietary history into consideration as well by providing you with three cleansing levels. Consider level 1 as an introduction to the world of detoxification and level 3 to be for the hard-core cleanser in you. The choice is yours, cleanse as you feel.

Each of our Juju Cleanse kits contain a day’s worth of detoxifying drinks which keep you nourished while you put aside your spoon and fork for the day and give your digestive system that much needed break. We offer you the freshest, raw, cold-pressed juices that are produced to order and delivered daily.

So give yourself that health kick and get cleansing with Manila’s only juice fast delivery service. For all of you serious about squeezing a little bit of health into your non-stop schedules. Read more…