The Little Book of Magical Wedding Ideas

Written by MagicWand

We Wrote the Book of Magical Wedding Ideas

The Little Book of Magical Wedding Ideas

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The Little Book of Magical Ideas

by MagicWand 

Creating the perfect wedding, requires a great deal of planning to reflect your own unique style. In this book there are hundreds of  Creative Magical Ideas accompanied by photos and graphics to help you plan that very special day. Our second edition is geared towards the 12 bride types providing creative ideas for each of those specific brides.

You will discover creative magical ideas such as:
Believer Brides can have the Pope bless your invitations
Entertainer Brides can hire a play write to write the perfect vows
Adventurer Brides can explore getting married on a rooftop, a pier, a restaurant, museum, a castle or even the Empire State Building 
Princess Brides can announce your engagement with a display advertisement
Artist Brides can hire a portrait artist 
Hero Brides can send an invitation to the President