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Wanna submit a real “Love Story” wedding?

  • Please provide your favorite photos or videos
  • A simple description to describe each photo provided
  • Always provide credits and acknowledgements when and where applicable for all vendors
  • We love all the special detail photos
  • For best results photos should be at least 800 pixels in width

Choose the best images that really tell the “love story.” Submit up to 15-35 photos to really give a look and feel. We desire photos to reflect the bride, her fashions, the maids, the groom, the flowers, centerpieces, decor elements, favors, invitations, and give viewers a picture story of the mood. Although we can appreciate those cigar smoking pictures with great uncles, for our purposes we encourage story type imagery to provide the overall visual tempo. We want to showcase your story with the essence of the event.

Be descriptive. We would love to hear it from the bride herself and in her own words. If that’s not possible, a verbal recount from some of the vendors, friends, family, planner or wedding designer. Please include the moments of the inspiration, attention to detail that created this event over the top special. Also include the source of inspiration, Do-it-Yourself projects and efforts made by others. Don’t be shy, give the details.

Don’t Forget the Location. We require the city, state and the address if it’s a popular venue. No area is too small or too big. Just the simple location and perhaps why it was chosen.

Please review your photo selections. We do look at the images. We are people sharing a beautiful experience, so we select carefully the photos for publication.

Please review your submitted photos for simple photography. It’s best that your images do not have any filters or special artistic software. We want color, although we do use black and white at times. Simple subject matter is best.

We love to get the vendors involved, so submit and we’ll get it up there.

Please send something that will stop us in our tracks. Brides love to see ideas that they can emulate and add their own style of wedding. What’s your style? What’s your bride type? Have you considered the jaw-dropping details, bride types of all colors, sizes and shapes that reflect your true inner bride beauty. Any new ideas to demonstrate your personality that really represent who you are.

Give us a shout. Talk to us. We are all about discovery, uncovering and empowering people to make the connection to what they really want.

Give it to us. We will contact you with any questions or approval notice about your submission in approx. 2 business days.

Email us today with your submission so we can start to review and get you added to our site: submissions@magicwandweddings.com


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