Unique Idea! Toss the rice and the traditional cake and opt for a hole in one idea.

What does your wedding reception have in common with local law enforcement? Both will enjoy a good ole sinful snack, of glazed doughnuts. Why not have your glazed mountain wedding cake for your reception constructed entirely of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Generally, the doughnut is a morning favorite. However, sometimes wedding reception themes, office party themes, birthday parties, bridal shower parties and other events are more suited for a doughnut cake, instead of traditional cake, because they are much more creative and fun. At Magicwand Weddings we even offer colorful Chinese take out boxes that FDA food safe and are perfect for guests who want to take their doughnut with them.

“People today are becoming more creative and adventurous when planning their special event”, says Claire Hughes from MagicWand Weddings. “We receive many questions everyday at MagicWand, from brides asking for creative wedding ideas and how they can add more creativity and individuality to their big day. We’ve heard the cakes have been used at coffee stations at the end of the wedding, all the way to the actual wedding cake itself.  Some people like to have the truck arrive at the end of the evening to pass out doughnuts”, Hughes says.

On average one to two doughnuts per guest is a good rule of thumb. InStyle Weddings Magazine seems to have started this new trend in Spring 2012. They listed the glazed doughnuts as a special creation for any wedding or occasion.

So, opt for a sinful idea that scores a whole in one, doughnut style. It’s not a crime to be creative, just ask your local police – your guest’s will love it.

If you wish to find out more information regarding Krispy Kreme wedding cakes or favors, inquire at your local Krispy Kreme location. Also, visit your local Krispy Kreme where you can find a “how to’ guide by the executive chief of Krispy Kreme himself.