Wedding Invitations

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We Can Customize Your Wedding Invitations to Match Your Wedding

Invitations provide a direction and tone for your wedding day. MagicWand matches your individual personality and Bride Type to your wedding, so your wedding day is exceptional. And why not, it’s based on you. Our sophisticated wedding invitations will give you a confidence that you are placing you own branded personality with each selection.

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Classic Wedding Invitations

Classic Invitations

See our large selection of elegant and classic style invites that give the feel of simple and charming.

$1.50 each

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Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Contemporary Invites

Beautiful modern invitations using fonts in script and block to create an elegant feel.

Starting at $1.50 each

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MagicWand Weddings Color Chart


Select from our many colors to color match your wedding. If you don’t see your colors, contact our Wedding Specialist and we’ll find the perfect colors for your event.

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Green Jane Collection- wedding invitations

You’re unique, so why not have a uniquely designed look based on your personality? MagicWand showcases sophisticated and unique wedding invitation cards with beautiful designs from our in-house designers with years of design experience in the wedding stationery industry. We love what we do. You can even speak directly with the designers. You can have your questions answered directly from the designers, rather than from administrators. So if you would like something altered, who better than the designer of that wedding invite, save-the-date, place card, table number, or menu to help you.




Wedding invitations are typically sent out 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding.