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Wedding favors Article – MagicWand

Wedding Favors have a heritage dating back to the early Roman dynasty. It’s a fun tradition shared by many cultures and in American society, it has become an integral part of traditional wedding etiquette. So, just what is a wedding favor? It’s a thoughtful memento presented to wedding guests from the wedding couple, in appreciation for sharing their special wedding day. Traditionally almonds, chocolates, cookies, as well as a host of sweets, have been given throughout the years. But, today’s couples are opting for a more personalized, creative direction with their favors. Today, favors range from goodies in chinese take out boxes, small picture frames, custom labels on wine bottles, custom flower seed packets, candy bars sporting a personalized wrapper, small cake slice shaped boxes, to snow globes. The list is endless since favors can be just about anything that the bride and groom dream a special memento for their guests.

Make it unique and thoughtful  Select favors that uniquely reflect your personal sense of style and will create a lasting impression with your guests. Gifts that your guests can actually use are always appreciated. Some couples provide cultural favors such as items filled in a large selction of chinese take out boxes which reflect their heritage while others choose gifts that will bring a smile and highlight their sense of fun.

What’s HOT this Season?  One item that’s big this year and has that sense of fun is Chinese take out boxes; those inexpensive cardboard boxes with a wire handle that contain your take out or extra food from restaurants. The range of sizes and colors makes them ideal for containing a wide variety of treasures. Many boxes get decorated with fun Japanese symbols, bows, ribbon, chopsticks, tropical drink umbrellas, and photos. Not only do they make for a cute package, they make ideal cake boxes for guests that wish to take their cake with them. Consider filling the boxes with rich chocolates in fun shapes such as pennies, footballs, globes and more, or take the traditional route and fill with chocolate almonds. The chinese takeout boxes allow couples a wide range of personalization options. Think of themes that reflect your personality or hobbies and add graphics on the outside of the boxes that accentuate the contents. I’ve also seen the Chinese take out boxes used as wedding invitations and announcements complete with Chinese cookies that reveal a personalized message of good fortune.

So, if you decide to thank your guests with favors, there are many shapes and styles and in a range of prices sure to fit your plans. Thanking your guests is up to you and how you envision adding your own personal stamp. Who says “you can’t take it with you”? See our large selection of Chinese take out boxes

Take Out Boxes starting at $.40

Take Out Boxes starting at $.40

Take Out Boxes starting at $.40

Take Out Boxes starting at $.40

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